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The Coffee Window, Certified Organic Coffee ‘The Ultimate Tribal Indulgence’ in every cup.
From the Village – Our village Coffee Plantations are Certified Organic, by the Australian Certified Organic Standards, we pride ourselves with our coffee growing to traditional preparation to give you the best coffee experience. We only use the best – 100% Papua New Guinea (PNG) Arabica Coffee Beans, hand-picked and washed in natural spring water before being sun-dried, our coffee artisans are passionate about what they do. Our beans are grown at a high altitude in the mountainous highlands of PNG, at 5,000 feet above sea level on volcanic rock, giving our coffee it’s smooth luxurious flavor and texture, leaving no nasty after taste.
We are committed to delivering the Best and Highest Standard of Quality in our Coffee as it is vital to ensure we maintain and preserve, the smooth caramel, chocolate and coconut fruity notes of our truly decadent coffee.  We know you will love our coffee, smooth and delectable, just the way you like your coffee to be brewed.
We’re passionate about sustainable development and respecting both the people who make our coffee and their environment. As our small hold village plantations have been established over many generations – some 100 years and counting – you know you can enjoy our coffee with the knowledge that you’re helping to provide for local communities and that no damage has been done to the land they call home.